Friday, October 16, 2009

These are a few of my favourite things.....

Not raindrops on roses or whiskers on kittens

I wasn't sure what to blog about as haven't really been up to much, I have made a few bits of jewellery but nothing very exciting, I've started my upcycled book into a bag, but it's not ready to show yet (am pleased with it so far though) and I'm sure there's millions of other things I should be doing while the kiddies are asleep, but I just wanted a bit of me time as I've been running around all over this week and just want to sit and chill. Soooooo I thought I'd just blog about some of the lovely handmade things I've come across recently and I hope the creators of these lovely things don't mind me link to their photos, I'm sure they won't as I'm just doing it to show off their fabulous work.

So my first favourite thing are these gorgeous little pram shoes by LittleMillie on Folksy, they are so gorgeous that I've actually asked LittleMillie to make me some for my little Emily.

At number 2 we have this amazing yew vase from Bodrighy on Etsy, I just love the organic-ness of this and the colour, I would love to be able to feel it. If it were mine I think I'd have a potted plant in it and it would look fab on my kitchen table

Now we have some beautiful beads by Glittering Prize, which I saw on the UK Beaders forum. Trudy sells her beads and jewellery on Etsy. I love the colours in these beads but there are some other fabulous ones in the Etsy shop too.......if only I was rich! or richer at least

At number 4 I had to have these absolutely adorable Tomte Family by Miss Searls which are for sale on Etsy, Miss Searls had the brilliant idea of doing her Sew It, Stick It, Sparkle Sundays (SISISS) Featured Blogs where she features other crafters and tells everyone a bit about them and what they've been making, I was featured in her first one!

For my number 5, I just had to show you this gorgeous wall hanging, poor Laurie at 23BeechHill has been busy making loads of these on commission and I'm not surprised as they are beautiful, it's called princess and the pea and if you look hard enough you can see the button 'pea' on one of the matresses. I want one for Emily's room, but will wait until after christmas and see what the bank balance looks like.

At number 6 I have this lovely pig by Moonbeam Angel, on the UK Craft forum, Diane (aka Moonbeam Angel) makes loads of fabulous mosaics and is so talented, but I just loved the colours in this pig. She sells her stuff on Misi

I saw this amazing piece of jewellery on the UK Beaders forum and was in so much awe, it was made by a lady called Dorrie and I would love to be able to make something like this one day, so this is my number 7

Well that's my top 7 favourite things, I might add more later, but I'll leave it there for now as it's getting late now.


  1. Thank you for featuring my little Tomte family :-)
    I've been a away from my blog a bit lately (bad blogger i know!) so i've not done anymore SISISS but i just wanted to say thank you very much for participating in my first one :-D

  2. Hi, I just stumbled across your blog and spotted myself! Thankyou so much for mentioning my pram shoes. I'm glad you like them and I hope Emily likes hers :-)
    Fab blog!
    Loadsa love, Lisa x


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