Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mmmmmm strawberries

We went to a local farmers market on Sunday and there was a stall there selling strawberries, I was suprised because I thought the strawberry season would be over by now, but the one I tasted was lovely and sweet so I got a punnet, didn't get chance to eat any on Sunday and forgot about them yesterday. So when I got them out of the fridge tonight I assumed they'be going mouldy or at least soft, but no, they were absolutely fine. Had they been supermarket ones they would definately be passed it by now. So I made some strawberry coulis - with lemon juice, caster sugar and strawberries, spooned over sliced peach and strawberries with creme fraiche, mmmmmmmmm.

On the jewellery front I made two necklaces as a gift for my team leader at work who's leaving our team this week. I used a vintage button in the first one and was pleased with how it turned out

The second one is a bit fancier, various wirework and wire wrapping and a mixture of glass beads, it's a bit more daring, but I hope she likes it.

I also had time to make two other necklaces and two bracelets today, which will be more stock for the craft fair I'm doing in Ilkley on the 8th November.I'll hopefully be doing another one in York on the 22nd, if it's not fully booked already, must remember to send my cheque off tomorrow.

And now it's time for a bath.......night.


  1. I'm sure your colleague will love the necklaces. Who wouldn't !!(you can't buy stuff like this in Sainsbury's!!)

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