Thursday, October 08, 2009

Burning down the house

You know how easy it is to get sidetracked when you've got two youngsters in the house....... well, Emily and Archie were both asleep so I made myself some lunch, had a sit down with a cuppa and a bit of a break, then started making Archie's tea - pasta bolognese. I'd already started the source and it was simmering away so all that was left to do was put the pasta on and garlic bread in. I heard him stirring, so put the pasta on, a mixture of broken spaghetti and tiny stars. I decided to quickly fold up the dry washing that was hanging in the garage, which must have took longer that anticipated as when I went to get Archie up he'd dosed back off again. Got him up anyway as he'd been alseep for over two hours and was just changing his nappy when the fire alarm went off

We live in a four story town house and so have a proper "break glass" fire alarm system, I had to leave a rather shocked and upset Archie mid nappy change and ran down to the kitchen, where I found the pasta had boiled dry and burnt to the bottom of the pan and the kitchen was full of smoke. So I turned everything off and ran to the fire alarm control panel in the cupboard in the hallway and entered the reset code and it didn't work! The sound was deafening and I tried about 4 times to no avail, so I decided I had best get the kids out of the house. I found Archie screaming his head off half way down the stairs with no nappy on, poor thing, so took him back upstairs and put on nappy, trousers and shoes and took him down to the hall where I had to leave him (screaming again) while I went to get Emily - who was soundly sleeping through it all!. I realised the pram was in the back of the car with the other half at work, so I got Archie's coat and reins on and wrapped Emily in a blanket and got them outside while I rang him. He rang the building company and asked them to help so they arranged for the site foreman to come round and sort it out (luckily for us they are still building houses on our estate!). So the builders couldn't get the alarm to reset either and ended up disconnecting it to make it stop, when they reconnected it said there was a fault, so they hoovered out all the sensors and detectors but that didn't work, all they could do was leave me with it beeping every 30 seconds to tell me there was a fault and arrange for the company who installed it to send someone out. At least we were back in the house, it's no fun being on the street for 20 minutes with a bored toddler and a baby who has been rudely awakened and thinks the only consolation is a feed. The alarm company rang and said they couldn't get anyone out for 2 days!

To top it all off, Archie turned his nose up at my bolognese - and no I didn't give him the burnt pasta! He wouldn't even try it - little monkey. But he did eat all the middle bits of the garlic baguette.

So that was my eventful day on Tuesday, yesterday was much calmer and I even found time to make some jewellery..... just a couple of rings which is a new thing for me

I'm quite pleased with them, and going to see if they sell at the craft fairs I'm doing.

Today I've spent most of the day setting up a Folksy shop, which seems tobe taking me forever.


  1. oh what a nightmare you been haveing!! you get days like that! I love the rings just gorgeous


  2. Beautiful rings. Thank goodness the story had a happy ending. It could have been so much worse.


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