Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Been a while

Well, I haven't blogged in ages, naughty me! I just seem to have been so busy recently. Since my last post we have done 3 craft fairs, but unfortunately they proved quite unsucessful. I was busy making loads of stock in the run up to the first one. It was at Ilkley on the 8th November, I was pleased with my display, it looked quite professional even though it was done fairly cheaply. Here's some of my stuff laid out on my living room floor

After laying it all out I realised I needed more bracelets and so made loads of memory wire bracelets and some wire wrapped bangles, I also made a load more earrings and some more rings.

I decided to hang my earrings on a christmas tree, like this

which is fibre optic and looks really nice when you switch it on, lots of people commented on it at the fairs and looked at my earrings so that was good.

So the first fair - lots of people there, it was in an old people's centre so a lot of them were elderly, but I got lots of nice comments about my jewellery, just no one buying. I sold one of my button rings and that was all and I even had to remake that to the right size. I did meet some lovely people there though, a few of the crafters from the UK craft forum so that was really nice. We had Emily with us so that attracted people to our stall I think. After chatting to some of the other stall holders I don't think many of them had many sales, in fact I think quite a few had no sales at all.

The second fair was a charity fair in a village hall, so I wasn't expecting much, there were quite a few people in. Again met a few people off the craft forum and had a lovely lady next to me who sells cosmetics - creams and shower gels etc, which she makes herself from scratch. Again I didn't sell much. My mother-in-law came and she bought a bracelet and necklace that she'd specifically asked me to make anyway

She also bought a memory wire bracelet and this pair of earrings

And a young girl bought a wire wrapped bangle

and that was it really, one of the other stall holders really liked one of my necklaces but thought it was a little too long for her, her mum was thinking about getting it for her for Christmas so I gave her a business card and offered to alter the length but I haven't heard anything.

So fair number 3, this one was at York Railway musuem and was bigger than the other two, so I thought it might be a good one, it was very slow, didn't seem to be many through the door and again I didn't sell much, 3 pairs of earrings this time, got some good comments again and people quite interested but just not buying. So three fairs down - it's cost a total of £55 to stand at them (not including petrol and food and drink on the day) and I sold £33 worth of stock, but I'm trying not to be disillussioned. I have a jewellery party coming up on the 4th December so hope that will prove sucessful and a two day fair at Elsecar the weekend after. Actually, now hoping I don't sell loads of stock at my party or else I may be short for the fair. hmmmmm may have to encourage people to place orders at the party instead.


  1. Try not to be too disillusioned. Maybe you were just in the wrong venues.
    I occasionally sell stuff, usually to people who admire what I'm wearing so I sell it to them, or a duplicate one. I have done quite well with the Christmas earrings for Children in Need but of course all that money goes to the charity, not me. I was charging £4 a pair for the earrings but I don't know if people would have bought them if it wasn't for charity.
    I would never hope to make any proper money out of selling jewellery but a few pounds towards my bead stock is useful.
    Maybe you should try local hairdressers or places where unique items of jewellery would catch the eye. The problem is there is a lot of junk for sale. It all comes in those huge lorries thundering up and down our motorways. People are mean and will wear rubbish if it is cheap enough then throw it away. Getting people to value quality isn't easy. The average person just wants cheap.
    I blame Mrs Thatcher. In her time in office we were brain-washed into wanting the cheapest we can get rather than the best we can afford, which is not the same thing.
    Chin up.

  2. I've done 3 fairs this year and if it wasn't for girls jewellery I would have sold very little. I make loads of girls necklaces, bracelets, earrings and mobile phone charms before fairs, even if they aren't at schools and they always sell well. I only charge between £1 and £2 for each but it's amazing how it mounts up and ensures that I at least cover my table price.

  3. Elsecar - it hadn't registered. Might come and see you there.

  4. Hiya

    I think that your jewellery is lovely, don't be too upset it didn't sell, as the others have said, maybe just down to "not the right footfall" I hope that the more recent fair was more equitable for you... it's hard, people are really thinking before they dip into their purses now.... I agree with AMIdesigns the smaller items tend to sell, and they do mount up, even if they just cover your costs for the day, just try and put out as many business cards as you can and hopefully it will be new business in the new year!!

    Good luck


    PS I'm in awe of you.... how do you keep a sitting room carpet so clean with two children!! lol!!! must be the best behaved kids in town!

  5. Have left you a little award on my blog

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