Saturday, September 12, 2009

What have I done today..............?

Not a lot really. I finished the necklace this morning to go with the purple and black bracelet, but haven't taken any pics yet. I popped up to my work space in the spare room last night at about 11:30 just to have a look at what I'd done so far with it and thought "I'll just thread a few more beads", the friend I'm making it for was visiting me today so I wanted to have something to show her that would give her an idea of the what the finished piece would be like. Suddenly it was 1:30am!!! Time has a habit of doing that to me when I'm beading. I could hear my other half snoring downstairs and assumed he'd gone to bed (I work in the attic room) but I could hear that the computer in our bedroom was still on and I found him asleep on the sofa. Anyway after the late night and having to get up at 5am to feed Emily and express some milk I was quite tired today. It was lovely to see my friend Barbara though, she loved her bracelet and what I'd done with the necklace so far and then she took me, Emily and Archie out for lunch. When we got back both kiddie winks went to sleep so I finished the necklace (it was calling to me I swear), just got the earrings to do now - hopefully the beads I ordered for them should come on Monday.

I wasn't the only one who was tired today though, although he didn't have to get up in the middle of the night, my other half had disturbed sleep too - I changed Emily's nappy at 5:30am and opened a new packet of baby wipes right next to the baby monitor in her room, the other bit is in our bedroom at the side of the bed and apparently it was louder than being next to a plane taking off - he jumped out of his skin and struggled to get back to sleep after that. He then had to work all day too, not sure what I'd rather do, two young kids and two kittens, dirty nappies and night time feeds or his job, dealing with naughty people, injunctions and ASBOs

Other than finishing Barbara's necklace I just spent far too long on the UK craft forum (as usual), found some unusual acrylic beads which have a smooth satin feel that I'm tempted to order and make myself a necklace out of and arranged to meet a friend who I've never met in person before (we met on a mother and baby forum and had our babies within a day of each other) we're meeting in Nottingham - a place I've never been to before. I'm also going to meet a fellow jewellery maker who I've never met before in my local market tomorrow, so it's all go.....

Things to do next week:

Barbara's earrings
set up a Facebook group for my jewellery
Look at my website and try and finish those niggly bits I haven't done yet, like terms and conditions, returns policy and payment method.

Busy week then


  1. Hi Nicola it was lovely to meet you today :-)

  2. It was lovely to meet you too, thanks for the email, the link did work.


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